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Siemens represents the most intuitive technology that will transform all your home.

Founded in Germany in 1847, with a design that combines modern and traditional with a higher quality of products. Siemens appliances have a new technology, and it will redefine your daily lives.

Visit JMQ Cozinhas in Algarve and try Siemens products with our team of specialists in one of our showrooms in São Bartolomeu de Messines and Armação de Pêra.

Placa com função flexInduction Plus da Siemens que reconhece o número, tamanho e forma das panelas e ajusta automaticamente a zona de cozimento.

FlexInduction Plus

Siemens flexInduction Plus offers convenience and precision. Allows you to position a wide type of pans on a large surface area for maximum flexibility and efficiency. The flexible induction zone will automatically recognize the number, size and shape of pans and adjust the cooking area.

You can find flexInduction in our showrooms in São Bartolomeu de Messines and Armação de Pêra.

Uma combinação elegante dos equipamentos integrados da Serie iQ700 da Siemens.

iQ700 Serie

Elegant and very easy to use. The iQ700 series built-in appliances can be installed in any combination. Whether be alone or together, their design never fails to impress. With the new varioSpeed function, your food is perfectly cooked in half of the time.

The iQ700 series includes an built-in oven and a microwave with steam function that allow you to cook traditional dishes quickly.

Aplicação Home Connect com ligação ao smartphone para controlar todos os equipamentos Siemens.

Home Connect

Make your life simple, connecting your smartphone with your Siemens appliances. Home Connect app gives you a complete control of your house.

Transform your house into a connected home from your smartphone. You’re at home, at work or anywhere, you can control your Siemens devices from distance.

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