Handleless Modern Kitchen in Algarve

Black brings elegance and character to this kitchen above Atlantic Ocean.
A handleless modern kitchen were all the doors and drawers have push-to-open system.

Handleless modern kitchen in Algarve, to enjoy one of the most epic views in the region, cooking with blue of the Ocean in front of the eyes.

The laminated Fenix in fronts are a high-end surface, super matt, with low-light reflectivity and anti-fingerprints who brings elegance to the space. It combines with a totally handleless design thanks to the most advanced push-to-open systems, even for the built-in appliances.

The exuberant island has Silestone in three sides, with the BORA Classic 2.0 system to induction cooking and extraction and Blanco Silgranite sink and tap.

Island in Modern Black Kitchen in Algarve
Cozinha moderna com ilha em lacado branco e bancada preta

Continuum Black

A modern black kitchen with no handless at all where everything can be open with just a touch.

And with the laminated Fenix, a super matt material, there is minimum light reflectivity even with all those big windows all around the living kitchen.


BORA Classic 2.0

BORA Classic 2.0 is the perfect solution to remove cooking vapours and smells without the traditional extractor hanging in the ceiling. Due the downdraft extraction, the cooking vapours don’t rise up or spread throughout the whole kitchen and living room.

This modular system from BORA allows to achieve the best solution for every house, selecting from induction, glass, gas, teppanyakki or WOK.

It’s an invitation to spend moments together, even during the cooking.


Acessórios interiores de cozinha
Ilha de cozinha com placa de indução, teppanyaki e exaustor Gaggenau

Perfect Appliances for Your

Our team is ready to help you to select the right appliances to your house and lifestyle.
In this case, an oven with microwaves function give enough space for a wine cellar where the clients can store their favorite wines, set up two different temperatures, an expresso machine and warming drawer.

Silgranit Colours

Functionality and durability, of course. But the sink and tap can be elements to give extra elegance and refinement to the kitchen. With the quality expected from a leading brand like Blanco, Silgranit colours are a perfect complement to any kitchen.

Cozinha moderna com ilha em lacado branco e bancada preta

The Best Brands and Producers

In order to archive the best result, in JMQ Cozinhas we work with the best brands and producers, from any detail on the kitchen’s furniture, appliances, worktop surfaces or any complements to every house.

Cozinha moderna com ilha em lacado branco e bancada preta

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